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Mick is a full-time psychology professor, part-time standup comedian and usually fairly level headed.
Fox was a virologist and former young Republican. He is now a full-time deviant, avid gamer, and part-time Reddit shit-poster.
Together Mick & Fox comprise the UncapedCrusaders. They debate a myriad of topics… without necessarily coming to a resolution.
They simply present the topics and give their opinions. Will you be team Mick, team Fox, or will you decide they are both full of shit…


As of December 2016 Chris…AKA “Badger” has been brought on as our sound engineer/producer. He has been pivotal in our show’s development since its infancy. For a little bit of info about him: he almost beat out Ryan Gosling for director/lead actor of the movie, “Drive”. However he packed Q-tips instead of toothpicks during the audition. Glad to have him on board!

Huge thanks to Ryan Drummond for providing the music for the show. This guy is a killer musician and composer check him out over at http://project4tune.org/

Mega thanks to Capo for the art.