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  1. A retired police officer on Youtube suggests that people should only be held before trial for violent crimes because they already know everything about you so if you don’t show up for court they’ll just issue a warrant.

  2. “Turned out and bitchified men.” Yup, that’s what I’d expect from an enlightened Liberal college professor who stands up for the rights of the oppressed and virtue signals his disgust at bigotry while constantly calling Fox gay.

    1. My Liberal side has been fading away a lot, still partially there…but decaying. The Mick/Fox evolution has been a fun one

  3. Interesting how Mick likes to declare what is correct and what “should” be done in all circumstance and orders vapers to buy bubble gum like a self-righteous king-shit dictator. But then again, the kind of lack of self-control inherent in fat people can also be seen in tyrants…

  4. Mick, breasts are literally secondary sexual characteristics. They serve dual purpose in arousal for men and secrete breast milk. The two go hand in hand because they trigger a man’s primal urge to find a suitable mate. A woman going topless will always be sexualized. Saying it’s not lewd for a woman to have her breasts out in public because they aren’t exclusively for sex is like saying a man having his penis out isn’t lewd because he uses it to piss.

  5. Mick is upset that political candidates are basically bribing voters with campaign promises. Welcome to Democracy Mick, that’s how it works.

  6. Concerning Asian Men being more susceptible to Corona Virus, it’s very simple: China has a surplus population of men who will never meet Chinese women’s ultra-demanding expectation so…

  7. No country is a democracy: Countries with an elected assembly are either Constitutional Monarchies like the UK or Presidential Republics like the US. The word “democracy” neither appears in the Declaration of Independence nor the Constitution, in fact the Founding Fathers argued against democracy in the Federalist Papers and the entire point of the Electoral College is specifically to prevent democracy.

    Democracy is nothing more than the will of the mob without any restraint.

  8. I don’t understand why Mick thinks the audience watching Joker is suppose to sympathize with the three Wall Street jerks who get killed. The whole point of the Media and the Establishment lamenting their deaths is to expose their hypocrisy and how they trod down on the people like Arthur Fleck.

    Didn’t Mick say in a passed episode that he refuses to even see the Joker?

  9. So Fox spent his first three years as a follower of the Prophet. I wonder if they called him “الثعلب”?

  10. I sure hope Fox isn’t serious when he says he’s turning Socialist…

    “Sweatshops” are places people WANT to work in: Why did so many immigrants flock to the United States in the late 19th Century or to Hong Kong to exploited as “Slave Labor”. The biggest migration in history is currently underway in China from the rural areas to the Special Economic Zones on the coast. Why? Because impoverished Chinese would rather trek to the cities and work in “Sweatshops” as “Slave labor” because it is a better alternative then what they have now. Of course those conditions are inferior by contemporary Western standards but that’s only because the West went through the exact same process 100 prior. There is simply no way of avoiding that transition period during economic development.

    I believe Chris is referring to Comparative Advantage which means that everyone should specialize in what they do the most productively. For example, even if the US can make more TVs than Mexico, the US should allocate resources to making something more important like Computers and let Mexico make TVs because they can’t make computers at all. Britain has not produced enough food to feed itself in 120 years because it’s more productive for them to allocate resources to things which they make more productively and leave food production to other countries which are better suited and simply trade what they make for food .

    The Purchasing Power reference sounds suspiciously like Keysianism which is false. Other than Comparative Advantage, things are assembled in China because the US government has made it economically impossible to do it in the States.

  11. “Kids aren’t motivated self-learners.” This is undoubtedly the stupidest thing I have ever heard Mick say and most of what Mick says is pretty stupid but this just takes the biscuit.

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