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  1. A retired police officer on Youtube suggests that people should only be held before trial for violent crimes because they already know everything about you so if you don’t show up for court they’ll just issue a warrant.

  2. Ah, nothing like a good Friday night nut followed by a brand new episode of Uncaped Crusaders!

  3. “Turned out and bitchified men.” Yup, that’s what I’d expect from an enlightened Liberal college professor who stands up for the rights of the oppressed and virtue signals his disgust at bigotry while constantly calling Fox gay.

    1. My Liberal side has been fading away a lot, still partially there…but decaying. The Mick/Fox evolution has been a fun one

  4. Interesting how Mick likes to declare what is correct and what “should” be done in all circumstance and orders vapers to buy bubble gum like a self-righteous king-shit dictator. But then again, the kind of lack of self-control inherent in fat people can also be seen in tyrants…

    1. Hmmm…not sure I see parallel as not exactly same process, but I suppose weight is my Achilles in many debates

  5. Mick, breasts are literally secondary sexual characteristics. They serve dual purpose in arousal for men and secrete breast milk. The two go hand in hand because they trigger a man’s primal urge to find a suitable mate. A woman going topless will always be sexualized. Saying it’s not lewd for a woman to have her breasts out in public because they aren’t exclusively for sex is like saying a man having his penis out isn’t lewd because he uses it to piss.

  6. Wow, Mick is such a good Catholic he doesn’t even know John-Paul II died in 2005. Deus Vult!

    1. I never thought it a bio pic or anything, however depictions of many atrocities are accurate

  7. Jäger means Hunter in German… Did Joe Biden sit on a committee to develop an exosqueleton?

  8. In a previous episode, Mick stated that anyone can form a militia and Fox responded that the government labels them domestic terrorists. It seems the SPLC agrees with Fox. Apparently, if you’re a White Male who respects the Constitution, you need to be on a watch list.


  9. Mick is upset that political candidates are basically bribing voters with campaign promises. Welcome to Democracy Mick, that’s how it works.

  10. Concerning Asian Men being more susceptible to Corona Virus, it’s very simple: China has a surplus population of men who will never meet Chinese women’s ultra-demanding expectation so…

  11. I’ve been sharing you guys where I can but it’ not like I’m acquainted with thousands of people.

  12. No country is a democracy: Countries with an elected assembly are either Constitutional Monarchies like the UK or Presidential Republics like the US. The word “democracy” neither appears in the Declaration of Independence nor the Constitution, in fact the Founding Fathers argued against democracy in the Federalist Papers and the entire point of the Electoral College is specifically to prevent democracy.

    Democracy is nothing more than the will of the mob without any restraint.

  13. I don’t understand why Mick thinks the audience watching Joker is suppose to sympathize with the three Wall Street jerks who get killed. The whole point of the Media and the Establishment lamenting their deaths is to expose their hypocrisy and how they trod down on the people like Arthur Fleck.

    Didn’t Mick say in a passed episode that he refuses to even see the Joker?

  14. I have a friend who used to deliver pizza and he can confirm that People of color are indeed great tippers 😉

  15. There’s lots of Pork in the Bail Out Bill but unfortunately none of it is Pork Hunt 🙁

  16. So Fox spent his first three years as a follower of the Prophet. I wonder if they called him “الثعلب”?

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  18. I sure hope Fox isn’t serious when he says he’s turning Socialist…

    “Sweatshops” are places people WANT to work in: Why did so many immigrants flock to the United States in the late 19th Century or to Hong Kong to exploited as “Slave Labor”. The biggest migration in history is currently underway in China from the rural areas to the Special Economic Zones on the coast. Why? Because impoverished Chinese would rather trek to the cities and work in “Sweatshops” as “Slave labor” because it is a better alternative then what they have now. Of course those conditions are inferior by contemporary Western standards but that’s only because the West went through the exact same process 100 prior. There is simply no way of avoiding that transition period during economic development.

    I believe Chris is referring to Comparative Advantage which means that everyone should specialize in what they do the most productively. For example, even if the US can make more TVs than Mexico, the US should allocate resources to making something more important like Computers and let Mexico make TVs because they can’t make computers at all. Britain has not produced enough food to feed itself in 120 years because it’s more productive for them to allocate resources to things which they make more productively and leave food production to other countries which are better suited and simply trade what they make for food .

    The Purchasing Power reference sounds suspiciously like Keysianism which is false. Other than Comparative Advantage, things are assembled in China because the US government has made it economically impossible to do it in the States.

  19. “Kids aren’t motivated self-learners.” This is undoubtedly the stupidest thing I have ever heard Mick say and most of what Mick says is pretty stupid but this just takes the biscuit.

  20. People misinterpret the First Amendment (thanks to the courts) and assume it means that everyone has a right to say what they want wherever they want without repercussion which is entirely wrong. The First Amendment says this:

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    Why does everyone, including the courts, fail to read the very first line: “Congress shall make no laws…” If someone prevents from using their platform to express your opinion, is Congress making any laws? The Bill of Rights pertains only to the government; it limits the power of government in order to ensure the people will be free of tyranny. It does not and it cannot mandate behavior between citizens.

    Internet infrastructure has been privatized: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_access_point but even if it were tax-payer funded, by Fox’s logic, Walmart could not refuse you service and would have to sell what it doesn’t want to because people access Walmart through tax-payer funded roads and side-walks. By that same token, you couldn’t keep people from entering your house because the street and side-walk are tax-payer funded.

    Social Media platforms are not “Public Forums” or “Public Spaces”. They are most digital bulletin boards and no one has an inalienable right to post something on someone else’s bulletin board. It is untrue that Youtube provides you with anymore potential viewership than any other platform: Videos uploaded to Youtube are not advertised to each and every single Youtube account. If anything, the specialization of such platforms into specific types would make it easier for the content creator to reach the desired potential audience. The number of subscribers one has do not accurately represent the number of individuals actively consuming the content creators videos, nor indicate that anyone’s opinion has been influenced. I find it pathetic that people refuse to spend 3 minutes of their lives creating an account on Bitchute, MeWe or Gab in order to follow the content creator. If that is too difficult, then perhaps that viewership is unworthy in the first place, however I suspect that most of the bitching comes from content creators who receive income from their videos and don’t want to give it up so they hide behind the First Amendment.

    The question I immediately pose to such people is: If the platform cannot restrict your use, then does the conten creator have a right to delete comments, block other accounts, shadowban others or disable comments on their videos…? I fail to see how content creators should have the right to censor others who comment on their videos, Tweets or Facebook account. Are these the same people who claim that there is such a thing as a persons “Personal” Facebook page on which others should refrain from offending as if it were akin to a cyber-boudoir?

    If I own a billboard by a highway and allow people to make money by advertising on it, am I obligated to let everyone use it and make sure that every opinion is equally expressed? Would that even be practicable?

  21. The claim that: “The majority of the victims of police brutality are people of color.” is just plain bullshit: https://duckduckgo.com/?t=ffsb&q=police+statistics&ia=statistics&iai=0

    The Media either ignores or reports the execution of White people by cops much differently then when it is a “Person of Color”. Consider the following cases of some higher profile murders of White people by police and make the victims Black: The death of Daniel Shaver https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBUUx0jUKxc

    The Death of Justine Damon: https://www.cnn.com/2019/06/07/us/minneapolis-mohamed-noor-sentenced/index.html

    The death of LaVoy Finicum: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LaVoy_Finicum

    The death of Margarita Brooks: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/02/us/homeless-woman-killed-cop-arlington-texas.html and Autumn Steele: https://reason.com/2018/09/13/iowa-body-cam-autumn-steele-fatally-shot/ and Christina Coignard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFIxquut5y8

    Madison Dickson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqz4FYGRRbw was actually firing at police but if she were a Black criminal like Michael Brown, Ahmed Abery or George Floyd, the media and “protestors” would be consternated and outraged.

    There are so many more examples of White people getting killed by police (of all races) but people like Mick and Mr. Gruber are unaware because their entire awareness of the world consists of the Left-Wing Hate-Mongering propaganda they grew up on

  22. The way to fix Education and many other problems is to first abolish all occupational licenses and government requirements which force people to go to college or trade schools and then abolish all government involvement in Education i.e. all public schools and all government mandating of curricula for private or home school. Child Labor laws, Labor Unions and the Minimum Wage should also be abolished.

    Trying to fix test results or the way the monopoly system is imposed on children is like shuffling around the numbers of a false equation: No matter how you tinker with it, it is fundamentally flawed by nature. The best thing to do is erase it.

    1. Regarding government involvement in education and labor, every institution comes into existence through some necessity, however small. Disposing of a system as a whole may, theoretically, be a solution to many problems, but this creates a void wherein other problems manifest that would be similar to the circumstances under which the previous system was initially founded.

      For example, labor unions and minimum wage laws were created as a response to abuses of power by factory owners of the industrial age who did things that were technically legal, but severely harmed their workers. The grievances that were the impetus for the creation of unions were varied and indisputable, from factory lockouts to preventable injuries and even the gross oversights that lead to such disasters as the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of 1911.

      Much like beloved social and justice reformation groups such as the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center, institutions such as the federal regulation of education, labor unions, and the minimum wage were founded to correct clear and intolerable problems within America. While it is clear that each of these institutions has come to great harm in their own right, my concern is that removing these institutions will simply bring us back to a point where people are wronged in a way that reinstating these systems seems to be the only practicable solution.

      So, in my mind, destroying these institutions would simply create a cycle.

      1. Actually Chris,

        Minimum Wage was created specifically for racist ends: https://medium.com/the-enclave-of-others/the-racist-history-of-minimum-wage-5dd71ebf0770

        Black employment was actually lower than White unemployment until Labor Laws were enacted. Labor Unions were a great way do discriminate against Blacks.

        It is untrue that Unions and the Minimum Wage were created to respond to any demand for them: The vast majority of American workers have always chosen not to be unionized and the improvement in their lives came from increased production and competition for their labor, NOT from unions.

        These measures are simply a way for a small clique to control employment and reduce freedom for everyone else as much as possible. The Triangle Shirt Factory Fire was an accident like many others but was particularly exploitable because the victims were female. Improvement in workplace safety do not come from regulations but rather from the workers’ ability to choose a safer workplace through competition and from employers’ greed in realizing that they have to offer higher wages for dangerous work whereas they can offer lower wages for safer work.

        Abolishing government and union control will not create a vacuum, rather it will liberate people and increase the number of small businesses and adolescent employment. The stereotype that people were exploited by evil Robber Barons is a myth: Emotional rhetoric is the only tool available to the Left.

  23. For all this talk of “White Supremacy”, the people calling for Segregation and Race War are Black… [thinking emoji]

  24. I sure hope you guys are wearing your compulsory masks or else I’m not listening.

  25. Congratulations on your 100th episode guys and congratulations Fox for surviving your ordeal. Mick, I guess you’re kinda ok too… Sorta.

  26. My husband and i felt thrilled that Michael could do his researching out of the ideas he had from your own web page. It’s not at all simplistic to just always be freely giving instructions which often a number of people have been selling. We realize we have the writer to give thanks to because of that. Most of the illustrations you’ve made, the simple blog menu, the friendships you will give support to create – it’s many amazing, and it is aiding our son in addition to the family believe that the issue is entertaining, and that is exceptionally vital. Many thanks for everything!

  27. Hans is right about “Max”s. Just take Maxwell Kimble, you KNOW a guy called “Maxwell” is just inherently flawed. Who names their kid “Maxwell”? Should be Child Service Laws…

  28. Tell me something, if the so-called centralized monopoly money supposedly being devalued should be replaced by crypto, why is Hans so obsessed in selling said crypto in order to _obtain_ said monopoly money? It makes no sense! He laments his envy of the guy who cashed out for billions of the devalued fed-paper that Hans is warning people to get rid of: irrational. How can Hans laud Bitcoin and taut of his smart-alecky savyness in investing in it when he himself admits that its sole purpose is to eventually get rid of it for American dollars which he values and desires? How can crypto be “here to stay” when people are only using it as an arbitrable investment asset which is ultimately and inevitably a bubble? Good thing investors were able to bribe a government to use it’s coercive violent power like El Salvador to create a Bitcoin dumping ground.

  29. I don’t mean to scare anyone off by commenting too much but the penultimate story of episode 163, I’d just like to say: It seems people aren’t focusing much on the mothers who procured their daughters for the Cuomo related guy’s “training”. Isn’t anyone outraged that a mother could do such a thing? Or is sexual abuse by mothers and women much of an inconvenient truth…?

    People seem to abhor Female Circumcision in Africa but rarely do they acknowledge that it is mothers who insist on the procedure even over the objections of the father? Oh well.

  30. If there’s a cure to COVID, it’s probably in Fox’s liver.

    Mercy Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year.

  31. Regarding the so-called Canadian Health Care system: Health Care is actually provincial in funding and administration with federal government “transfers” i.e. taking money from some provinces and giving it to others. Apparently, provinces must comply with federal guidelines or something but I don’t see how that can be enforced but I’d just like to clarify that the religious pride in the mystical Canadian Health Care system is largely based on a false assumption. Many government monopolies like compulsory education, employment licensing the sale of alcohol etc. are actually provincial institutions and are therefore not really “Canadian”.

    Any American who says: “If (insert Republican) gets into the White House, I’m moving to Canada” is a stupendous moron.

  32. Welcome aboard Goose! I think I’ll call it the “Jersey Boys Era” of Uncaped Crusaders.

  33. I don’t know if Goose will read this but I urge him to reexamine his conception of the Law because it sounds suspiciously like “Freeman” bullshit. Judges don’t come from “Maritime Law” and the so-called Common Law doesn’t come from the “people” but from judges, assuming that there is such a thing as “Common Law” which, of course, they don’t have in non-British countries like Ukraine in the first place. These “Freemen” type nomenclature nuances are false: You don’t relinquish ownership when you register something, “Driving” is not a commercial term which means you can drive without a license because you are “traveling” and then ask the highway trooper for the “Corpus Delecti” etc.

    So-called commercial banks are not trying to “take your money”, it lends out again what you lend it in exchange for interest or all the other benefits of having a bank account. A Credit Union does exactly the same thing but pretends to offer its members a more direct voice in what the financial institution invests its money in and what to do with returns/profits etc., just like any other public owned corporation responsible to its shareholders.

    I wish people would stop blaming corporations and banks for what the government forces them to do and for the political system which makes it inevitable for crony-government to develop.

    Russia is a member of the UN. It is a permanent member of the UN Security Council as is Brittan, France, the United States and good ol’ Communist China. Almost every country in the world is a member and I think even traditionally isolationist Switzerland joined a few years back. NATO is an alliance of states, primarily European, which formed during the Cold War as a way to secure Western Europe from Communist aggression in response to which the Eastern European Communist satellite states joined with the Soviet Union to form the Warsaw Pact. Indeed, now that the Cold War is over, the continued existence of NATO is questionable but I fully understand why post-soviet non-Russian states which re-gained independence after the fall of the USSR would want protection against their traditionally expansionist and imperialist Russian neighbor by joining NATO.

    You’re still far superior to the Mick and you don’t annoy me like Hans: To you Goose, long may you cast!

  34. Good to have you back Chris. I too used to stretch before a workout until I tried it without stretching and discovered that all the soreness and injuries I sustained came FROM stretching and have not reoccurred since I stopped. I’ve come to the conclusion that stretching is a scam and is just part of all the ancillary sales-products “professional” trainings try to push on people.

    Hope your back gets better.

  35. “As in Marguerite Sanger…?” That’s exactly what I thought as Goose was saying it. Talk about synergy!

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